…to my home page. For a long time, nothing’s changed around here — but now, it’s finally online in a new version. Since July 2010, I will try to update stuff around here both in German and English – for your personal reading pleasure out there ;-)

The site’s new version isn’t blue any more (the color, not the mood), and you will find a bit more information here – not only links to Stefanie’s and my common homepage (which you can still find here). I’m going to post all kind of stuff here — nifty debris I found drifting around the vast space of the Interwebs, small reports on my hobbies, this and that. The page might somehow resemble a blog — but I will strictly refrain from calling it so; since this would raise expectations to an unrealistic level concerning how often you will find updates to the site. There will be updates from time to time. That’s all I’m willing to promise. However: have fun browsing around!

Just pick one of the categories from the right hand column and start reading!